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Stuck Fixing The Office Printer, Again?

It's crucial to be able to print properly, and now you've found yourself hunched over an unruly printer for nearly an hour. Give up? It's OK. Printer service repair is what we do. We'll get you back to business!

Call Us: 916-400-9716

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Service Printers

Unruly printer got you in a bind? Give us a ring and we can help you address, access, and fix the problem!

On Call Support

We don't shy away from same day service calls. We will work with your schedule to get you back on track.

Supplies and Printer Sales

OEM & Compatible Toner Cartridges, Filaments for 3D Printers, Inkjet Cartridges and more. A quick recovery means access to a plethora of supplies.

Our Commitment To You

We strive to be different, and that's the way we like it!

Experienced Printer Technicians; No More Delays!

Does your printer seem to grow a set of fangs every time you're doing a large print job? Find yourself pounding the printer just to print a few pages? It's always chewing papers or jamming up when you have a deadline to meet? We've all been there. However, you can choose to slam your printer or just hire an experienced technician to wrangle that printer back into shape!

Slamming around and trying to self-correct your printer might help you take out simple daily work frustrations. However, you may be causing irreversible damage. You don't want to realize a problem you could never have personally fixed ends up forcing you to purchase a new office printer. We handle printers for a living; we can often access and repair your printer on the same working day. 

You may have avoided calling a Sacramento printer repair technician because concerns over price. We here at Printer Repair Sacramento CA we promise to be fair and accurate in our assessments and estimate. A few other benefits of working with us to consider. We understand than an office without an ability to print halts productivity. Our response time is swift, and the goal will always be to get you back to work.

We service office brands such as Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Epson, HP and more.

Secondly, our reputation is well-established and impregnable. Our customers trust our opinions and count on us to maintain their office printers.

Put an end to the headaches and frustrations that are interfering with your already hectic workday. Call us today and let us fix your printer!

**Please note we service business office printers onsite and not smaller home based printers.


Help Is A Dial Tone Away!

You've stumbled upon the right service and printer repair company. Our knowledge is vast, technicians are swift, and that means a service problem quickly resolved!